A downloadable game for Windows

Calling all Adventures!

"The Goblin King has been born and needs to be killed before he gets too powerful! Beware his endless waves of minions!"

One host needs to port forward 7777. All other players join by putting host's IP Address and clicking the Client Button.


To restart the game you have to close the application and restart it.

Choose between 3 classes

Mage - Casts a magic blast to hit multiple targets.

Archer - Shoots arrows through enemies.

Warrior - Swings sword to cleave through waves of enemies.


Click to attack

"R" to lock and unlock cursor

After you spawn you can swap classes by pressing the "1" for Warrior "2" for Mage or "3" for Archer on your Number Keypad.

Attack quickly for combo attacks.


Gob Stopper.zip 91 MB

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